Nelly Accused Of Sexual Assault By Two New Women


Nelly Accused Of Sexual Assault By Two New Women

It's been a couple months since Nelly was accused sexually assaulting 21-year-old Monique Greene on his tour bus. Now two more women have come forward with new allegations.

According to the Daily Beast, one woman — only known as Jane Doe 1 — said she met the rapper backstage at a show in London after buying VIP tickets. Eventually, he invited her to a small room and tried to have sex with her. 

The woman, who's sergeant in the military, reminded the rapper that she was married, which she told him earlier that evening.

From there, Nelly allegedly moved closer to her, rubbed her leg and put his hand up her dress without permission. The woman resisted and tried to leave the room. But Nelly closed the door on her. Security then arrived, asked if everything was alright and that's when the woman left.

The second woman —referred to as Jane Doe 2 — said the rapper invited her to his dressing room after she took a photo with him. Eventually, he asked her to come into his shower room, which she did, where he allegedly dropped his pants and exposed himself. 

He then started to masturbate in front the woman, placed her hand on his penis and forced her to give him oral sex.

"She considered going to the police but felt that she would not be believed," court papers read.

Greene's lawyer also said that at least two additional women have come to her with allegations against Nelly but don't have "permission" to make them public.

What's your take on these new allegations?

Nelly Accused Of Sexual Assault By Two New Women