Neil Young Is Leaving Facebook to Focus on His Online Archive


For the last six months, Neil Young has fered access to nearly all his recorded music in the form an online archive at Now in a new post on Facebook, the songwriter says that he will be leaving the platform to focus on expanding the Neil Young Archives, which he here calls “a giant time machine cabinet” filled with “albums and tracks, bits and pieces, manuscripts and art, film and video.”

“Each song is being backed up with the archival material that relates to it and to the creation it, from song writing, to band jams, the history this music is there,” he continues. “It’s never finished, it is huge and growing. We work night and day expanding the window you can see this archival stuff through.”

Young also says that as June 1, he plans to charge $1.99 a month, or $19.99 a year for access. “If you want to hear my music and would like to have the option to listen to it with all the depth and glory high resolution, it will be there,” the post says. “All my new records can be heard there first, before they get released anywhere else. New unreleased albums from the archives, old unreleased albums from the archives. Will always be heard there first.”

Read his full update on the archive below.

This article originally appeared on SPIN.