Neffex Live Their Best Life in Carefree ‘Sunday’ Exclusive


If you think raging parties are exclusively reserved for Fridays and Saturdays, think again. L.A. electro-pop duo Neffex prove that notion to be wrong with their fun new video for "Sunday," premiering exclusively Billboard today (Aug. 28).

"Yeah I've been living my life on the west side/ I'mma ride 'til I die, gettin' so high," they sing, while partying in a house in Hollywood. Multicolored balloons cover the ceiling as champagne glasses make way into guests' hands.

As the party goes on, one couple in particular adventures through it together in amazement. "I live my best life, pouring up on a Sunday," the duo sings as they dive into a vivid hook led by glassy synths.

"Working on 'Sunday' was a blast," the duo tells Billboard. "We wrote it based around the vibe of these champagne Sunday events we used to throw at our place, where we’d buy a ton of champagne and alcohol and invite all of our friends around L.A. to come over and just enjoy themselves. The music video captures the fun we had throwing those, and the different ways our friends all got to meet, interact with one another and party with us.”

The duo is currently gearing up to release an EP this fall. Additionally, they will be headlining the Troubadour in L.A. on Sept. 12 and will be embarking on a headlining European tour in Oct.

Watch a wild party go down on a "Sunday" in the video below.