NCT 127 Release Captivating Music Video for ‘Highway to Heaven’


NCT 127 are set to release their new EP We Are Superhuman at the end of the month, but first, they’ve shared the soaring synth-pop ballad “Highway to Heaven.”

Originally unveiled during the first stop of the K-pop group’s Neo City – The Origin in U.S. tour at Newark, N.J.’s Prudential Center in April, “Highway to Heaven” is a groovy, sleek tune. It puts the emphasis on NCT 127’s vocals as the members sing inspirationally, layering one member’s voice and belts atop of shimmering strings and lilting, retro-feeling beats, as well as series of motivational raps.

As a pre-release ahead of their upcoming album, “Highway to Heaven” turns the focus onto the boy band’s skill as singers rather than their more performance-oriented singles typically allow; that side of the act will be more prominently displayed on the upbeat “Superhuman,” which they’ve also previously performed. The song has a few callbacks to past releases from NCT 127 and other NCT-associated acts under Korean company SM Entertainment, with Mark saying "we limitless" during his rap in what appears to be a nod to the group's 2017 single “Limitless, while traditional Asian string melodies are also incorporated, recalling those featured in the song “Dream In A Dream” by NCT and WayV member Ten.

The music video for “Highway to Heaven” was also previously unveiled during the Newark show, and was used as part of the act’s concert videography. In it, the nine NCT 127 members featured star down the camera and get into the vibe of the songs as they expressively perform the song.

“Highway to Heaven” is now available on digital streaming platforms, and We Are Superhuman with the single "Superhuman" will be released on May 24.