NCT 127 Call Justin Bieber ‘A Great Model’ to Follow, Talk Upcoming English EP: Watch


NCT 127 dropped by the SiriusXM studios on Monday (April 22) to chat with the Morning Mash Up hosts about their love for Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and more.

When the hosts turned the subject to the Biebs, band member Mark explained why the pop star has been such an inspiration to him. “Before I even went in-depth in his music, I just like that he started off at a young age,” the K-pop star said. “I started off at a young age as well, and so having that relation got me to gravitate towards his music. And then afterwards, I realized that his music was very good as well, and his vocals are something that I admire a lot. So everything put together, I just feel like he was a great model that I can always keep.”

The rabidly popular boy band also shed light on their decision to record their upcoming EP, We Are Superhuman, entirely in English.

“Our name…127 comes from the longitude of Seoul,” Mark explained. “And we have a meaning of where we want to start from Seoul and go globally. And so I feel like having our album in English comes with one of those steps because becoming global is part of our dream, and part of our main goal and aspiration, and so I think that comes naturally. We are a very diverse group, and so doing something that has to do with the world and having more people internationally getting to listen was a step for us.”

NCT’s forthcoming EP is set to be released May 24 SM Entertainment. Check out more of their interview, including Doyoung’s arresting cover of Grande’s “Breathin,” in the videos below.