NCAA Tournament: Top-10 NBA Prospects To Watch


The 2018 NBA Draft class is shaping up to be one the deepest in recent memory and the NCAA Tournament will provide one final look at the top prospects who will be entering the league in June. 

Among the top players in college hoops this year are a plethora star freshman, ranging from 6’0 point guards to 7’1 centers, all whom are in contention for the #1 overall pick. Of course, there’s also a 6’7 19-year old guard from Slovenia named Luka Doncic, but he’s not playing in the NCAA Tournament.

If you’re an NBA fan one the many teams that are tanking this season, this list players will give you a better idea  who you should keep your eyes on throughout the course the tourney. 

Scroll down to check out 10 the best NBA prospects that will be lacing ’em up in the NCAA Tournament.