NBA Youngboy’s Mugshot Surfaces Online, Confirming His Arrest In Baton Rouge


Although the details concerning his arrest are hard to discern, NBA Youngboy was certainly taken into custody over a possible “probatory violation” stemming from his longstanding criminal record in the state of Lousiana. Don’t get me started on the Federalist system, it’s hard enough to decode one unilateral textbook at a time.

NBA Youngboy's Mugshot Surfaces Online, Confirming His Arrest In Baton Rouge

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Worth noting: NBA was ordered detained after a Baton Rouge judge familiar with his rap sheet surveyed his “social media activity” leading up to the fateful encounter in Miami. A video had surfaced within days/hours of the shooting, in which Youngboy aka Kentrell Gaulden, could be seen “talking trash and smack,” as the judge saw fit to describe the chain of events.

It stands to reason that “talking trash and smack” is by no stretch of the imagination a felony offense in any of the 50 constitutional states of America. However, Gauldren’s actions do constitute a breach of conduct, if the extenuating circumstances were delineated in the waiver he signed in 2017. You would think Judge Bonnie Jackson has better things to than nitpick the fine print of a 20-page leaflet. The truth being, Jackson was consulted whilst Miami-based authorities underwent the initial investigation of the crime scene – and thus everything was brought to light, in a coordinated sweep. Youngboy will remain in a jail cell until further notice. Here’s a first look at his mugshot.