NBA Youngboy Rushes To His Girlfriend’s Side After Miami Shooting In New Footage


A lot went down at Rolling Loud but unfortunately, not all of it was good. Youngboy Never Broke Againwas shot at yesterday near the Trump Tower where he was staying. The shooting resulted in one death and two injuries, one of which was his girlfriend, Kay Marie. In newly emerged footage, NBA Youngboy is seen rushing to her side and trying to get her help.

TMZ obtained footage of the aftermath of the shootout which confirms that NBA Youngboy’s girlfriend was one of the victims who were hit. The rapper’s seen by her side, applying pressure to her injury while attempting to get her to a hospital immediately. Someone in the background — presumably an employee at the hotel — continuously asks what happened before it sounds like somebody telling her to be quiet. Shortly after, NBA Youngboy finally helps Kay Marie into a vehicle and drove off before they were stopped by police on the scene.

Other footage emerged yesterday where you could see Kay Marie being removed from the Black SUV, placed on a stretcher and taken into an ambulance. 

Despite the incident, Youngboy Never Broke Again managed to make his way back to Rolling Loud Miami just in time for his set. Police reportedly beefed up security at the festival, including an extra SWAT Team, as a precaution in wake of the shooting. 

Although prior reports said that he was arrested, the tabloid publication said he wasn’t detained but authorities still want to question him.