NBA YoungBoy Returns To Social Media & Spits Facts About Fake Love


NBA YoungBoy is one of the most popular rappers in the world. He hasn’t fully made his way to becoming a household name yet but he’s held down the YouTube charts for the longest time. He was finally dethroned by viral sensation Lil Nas X this week but we expect YoungBoy to take the crown back once he drops some new vibes. Last year felt like the 19-year-old was unleashing a furious amount of new music on his fans, dropping a project every week at one point. Considering his sound ended up getting a little tired at the end of his run, the teenager ended up taking a much-deserved break but it looks like he’s ready to get back in the game now.

This month, the Baton Rouge artist deactivated his social media accounts but he’s officially back online and he’s still talking about all the fake love in his life. Despite a growing number of women tattooing his face on their bodies, YoungBoy can’t seem to find the right girl to settle down with. He was most recently linked to Floyd Mayweather‘s daughter but that seemingly turned sour when he found out she had been getting drunk with her friends. YoungBoy has a strict no-alcohol policy. He took to Twitter today to speak on fake love, showing signs of wisdom in his remarks.

“You gone bump heads or always have a problem with the main one who showing fake love,” said the rapper before he continued. “Just know they don’t love you they with you for something.” 

When his mind moved away from all the people trying to take advantage of him for his clout, YoungBoy made a huge announcement by telling fans he would soon be returning with new music. He didn’t clarify whether a single, EP, or a full-length project was on the way but his fans have already started to hyperventilate.