NBA YoungBoy Misses Floyd Mayweather’s Daughter On "AI YoungBoy 2"


YoungBoy Never Broke Again pours his heart into his music. The 19-year-old rapper is the current voice of Baton Rouge, bringing emotion and tons of street knowledge to the table. Being forced to grow up at a young age, NBA YoungBoy is unafraid to get vulnerable in his music. Creating catchy melodies out of harrow situations, YB is easily one of the more consistent figures in the rap game. His new mixtape AI YoungBoy 2 proves that once more and in one of the tracks, he opens up about some of the relationships he’s been in this year, including his high-profile partnership with Floyd Mayweather’s daughter.

It’s been difficult to keep track of NBA YoungBoy’s track record with females. He’s seemingly been shacking up with a number of different girls, including Kodak Black’s ex, his baby mama Jania, a recent fling Kaylyn, and Floyd Mayweather‘s daughter Yaya. He spent a significant amount of time with Yaya, keeping the drama heavy with busted tires, petty videos, and more. If you ask the teenager about Mayweather though, he’ll tell you he misses her.

On “Lonely Child,” NBA YoungBoy goes through a list of his former girlfriends and speaks on each of them. When it came time to address his fling with Yaya, he told the world that he wishes he could see her more often. “I fell in love with Kaylyn, without even knowin’ this bitch done snaked me/I’m missin’ Yaya daily, the one who don’t make me feel basic,” raps the Louisiana native on the cut.

Do you think these two made a good match? Listen to the song below.