NBA YoungBoy Debuts New Mustache & Short Hair After Jail Release; Fans React


Hopefully, he’s able to change his ways and move more carefully to avoid getting in any further trouble. While he may be sporting a new look after getting out of jail, NBA YoungBoy will truly prove to his fans that he’s here for the long haul if he can spend the next couple of years without getting caught up in any legal drama. The teenage rapper was released this week and he’s already getting back into the groove of things. He’s taking things slowly on the social media front but in terms of his appearance, fans are surprised at how much he’s changed in a matter of three months. In jail, YoungBoy got a new haircut (which many are not feeling in the slightest) and grew a mustache (which fans are also confused about.)

A few videos have surfaced online of the Baton Rouge native reuniting with his closest friends on his first day out of the slammer. He’s celebrating his freedom right now and although he has reportedly been ordered to not perform for the next fourteen months during his house arrest, he can at least amuse fans with a new look. Social media is buzzing right now because of YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s freshly-grown facial hair. People don’t quite know how to react. One woman laughed with the rapper, joking that his hair was cut “so uneven” and not understanding why he would grow a stache. Others just compared him to everyone’s favorite plumber, Mario, or the neighborhood crackhead.

What do you think of NBA YoungBoy’s new look?