NBA Star Kawhi Leonard Was Traded to the Toronto Raptors, So Twitter Broke Out the Drake Memes


The NBA landscape underwent another seismic shift when the San Antonio Spurs unloaded their disgruntled superstar Kawhi Leonard to the Toronto Raptors for Demar DeRozan early Wednesday morning (July 18). While Leonard is reportedly vexed about the latest trade, fans on social media have mercilessly created hilarious memes and videos centered around his dismay. 

Along with thrashing Leonard, fans also skewered staunch Raptors supporter Drake with their relentless quips. Though Drake's affinity for the Raptors runs deep — he's the team's global ambassador — basketball fans are skeptical as to whether the 6 God's gift gab can lure Leonard into staying in Toronto long-term.

Check out some the best memes and reactions aimed at Drake and Leonard below.