Nate Robinson Says He Was Offered 6-Figures To Play College Football


Last week ESPN reported that University Arizona head basketball coach Sean Miller was recorded on a wiretap discussing a $100,000 payment to star freshman DeAndre Ayton. The news came amid an FBI probe into the rampant corruption within the NCAA, in which several top basketball programs and players were named as receiving benefits.

In wake the investigation, Nate Robinson and Carlos Boozer addressed the situation during the second episode their “HOLDAT” Sports Illustrated podcast. Both players admitted that they were fered money and revealed some the details about their decision making.

Boozer, who ended up going to Duke, explained that schools fered him cars, a monthly allowance and the freedom to skip classes at his leisure. Ultimately, Boozer said he turned down the fers “because I wasn’t used to getting handouts. I was used to working for everything I ever got.”

Robinson told the story how a University Washington booster had fered to pay him $100,000 a year if he agreed to play football for the Huskies. While Robinson initially enrolled to UW on a football scholarship, he quit after one season to pursue his basketball dream.

You can listen to the full “HOLDAT” podcast here.