Natalie Portman Scenes In "Avengers: End Game" Were Unused Footage


Warning: Spoilers Ahead. 

The Avengers: End Game packed a lot of surprises for fans. As the flick contrasted between the future and the past, numerous scenes from previous installments were included in the final chapter. As such, a specific scene by Natalie Portman’s character, Jane Foster, has recently been debunked as unused footage. Although the montage made the latter questionable, reports by Entertainment Weekly further explained that the only content Portman gave the show were voiceovers. The scene, which portrayed Foster thanking Asgardians for taking care of her, comes from recycled footage dating back to 2013.

While discussing the successful movie’s editing with Business InsiderEndgame directors Jeffrey Ford and Matthew Schmidt, shared with regards to the sequence: “The shot of Loki throwing his cup in the cell and Thor and Rocket sneak past him in the background, that’s a piece of digital negative taken from the dailies of The Dark World that we repurposed. The same for the scene of Natalie Portman.” Hence this only shows how well made the movie is. Indeed through the film’s amazing theatrics and special effects, the additional old scenes were included flawlessly and went unnoticed. 

To note, Avengers: End Game is still running things in the box office.