Nasty Cherry Want You to Learn How to Play ‘Win’ in ‘Music Lesson’: Exclusive


As the women of Nasty Cherry show their fans how they formed their band with their new Netflix show, they decided to pay it forward and offer up some advice to fans who may want to do the same thing.

In a new video called "Music Lessons" (premiering below), Nasty Cherry are joined by their founder Charli XCX to teach fans how to play their single "Win," offering up some helpful tools on how to master each of their instruments. For example, Chloe Chaidez (who some may know from the band Kitten) showed fans how exactly to nail the rock guitarist look — have rhythm and have attitude. She then directly demonstrated that by showing fans how to play their chords and bang their head around at the same time. 

For Gabbriette Bechtel, the important part of being the lead singer is bringing something to the song that is different and unique from other songs. So on "Win," she pointed out that the song isn't particularly hard to sing, yet is still fascinating to listen to. "I'm pretty much talking, and I think talking in a song is unique," she said. "That's different from everybody else's voice, so that kind of adds something different."

After giving a quick tutorial on the drum pattern for the song, drummer Debbie Knox-Hewson told fans a crucial piece of advice for being a cool drummer — flick your hair around, and don't twirl your sticks in your hand. "I hate drummers that do this, but here I am," she said, as she, in fact, twirled her sticks around. 

Finally, bassist Georgia Somary first offered up the fact that a simple bass line has just as much power as a complicated one. She demonstrates, showing that "Win" has a bassline with three notes, but those notes still drive the song. And in a bonus tip, Somary added that if something's too hard for you at first, then stop trying to play it at tempo. "Start by playing things really slowly, until you've got it in time, and then speed it up," she said. 

The group have plenty of reason to want their fans to learn their single — on Friday (Nov. 15), their new show on Netflix I'm With The Band: Nasty Cherry, which follows Charli XCX as she brings the four girls together to form their very own pop-rock group. 

To learn how to play win, check out the new video featuring Nasty Cherry and Charli XCX below: