Nas Wants the World to Learn From Its Mistakes in ‘War Against Love’ Video


Nas has never been afraid to get political with his raps. With a little inspiration from Ms. Lauryn Hill, Nas collides the worlds of chaos and purity in the socially conscious "War Against Love" video, which arrived Tuesday (Sept. 24). The DJ Dahi track originally landed on Escobar's The Lost Tapes 2 compilation project. 

The Jason Goldwatch-directed clip makes stark comparisons with vivid images juxtaposed against each other. Live action shots of bombs exploding with flowers blossoming in nature are shown to get Nas' point across. There's even a Trump supporter rocking his Make America Great Again hat side-by-side with a Blood throwing up gang signs. "'Cause we could be so great, pray it's not too late/ Put pride aside, coincide, I bet we both be straight," he rhymes.

The Queensbridge native previously detailed how the track came about for Mass Appeal's Track Anatomy series. "[Lauryn Hill and I] were talking about the evil that goes on in the world, right? And [she] said,'It’s like a war against love.' Just in conversation and [it] stayed with me the next day. So when I got in the studio and [was] going through the tracks, it came up. Yeah, just from having conversation. That’s how a lot of stuff happens, though. I just talked to people and just a light goes off."

Watch the "War Against Love" video below.