Nas & Kelis' Attorneys Reportedly Hurled Insults During Deposition


Nas and Kelis have been in the middle a pretty heated custody battle over the past little bit. Over the past few months, the two have been duking it on in court over the custody their eight year old son. The two them have their own issues, clearly but, it looks like their respective attorneys have jumped in and things reportedly got a bit messy during the deposition.

According to TMZ, Kelis and Nas’ lawyers had a bit an exchange during a deposition. In the documents they’ve obtained, thing apparently got extremely heated and resulted in some name calling. Kelis’ says that Nas’ lawyers called hers a “fattie” and a “dick.” Her attorney, Navid Moshtael, says that this is the first time he’s been on the receiving end insults from an “experienced attorney” that happened on record.

The report says that the court room dispute won’t work out in Nas’ favor at all. Kelis’ is apparently unforgiving in the matter especially since they stopped the deposition itself to say these things. 

Things were looking up in their case at the beginning January when reports claimed they reached a new agreement in their custody battle. However, a few weeks later, a new report came out that claimed Kelis was requesting an increase in child support payments.