Nardwuar Vs. YBN Nahmir: His R&B Past, Videogaming & Embarassing Photos


Nardwuar is a legend come festival season, dragging his trunk full personal fit memorabilia to and fro. There’s no denying he works his way into the hearts his interview subjects, maybe creepily at first. Especially with rap acts, when in full stride, they can’t help but put their guard down. Nardwuar accentuates the positive like no other. It not only because the artist is totally dialed in, such as when Nardwuar took a moment to level with YBN Nahmir this past week at SXSW. It had marked a busy week for the journalist, as he’d previously taped segments with Cole Bennett & Smokepurrp among others. 

Nardwuar began the the interview by guiding Nahmir through a chronology the rapper’s life, perhaps more accurately than he could have done himself. He gifted him with Bone Thugs and E-40 records, two rap acts Nahmir would label as GOATS & more personally as indirect influences. Before delving into his craft, Nahmir admitted that his teenage self was a different persuasion, confessing that he was once in a r&b band called “The Misfits.” Considering his age, he isn’t too far removed from his sveltier image. Nahmir also described the euphoria that led to him leaving school mid semester.

“The kids, the 9th graders 10th graders they was just following me asking me questions 24/7, it was going crazy. They had to take me out school.”

They made the 12 minutes breeze by like a conjugal visit. See for yourself.