Nardwuar Bamboozles NLE Choppa & His Mama In New Interview


Nardwuar never misses an opportunity to bombard a rising artist about their past. After the breakout year that NLE Choppa had due to his hit, “Shotta Flow”, The Human Serviette obviously had to surprise the rapper by digging up some biographical facts about him. The beloved interviewer got hold of NLE Choppa at Day N Vegas Festival this past weekend

A highlight of Nardwuar’s interviews with rappers is always when he recites their lyrics like they’re coming out of a children’s storybook. This time around, he quoted the Memphis artist’s verse on White $osa’s “Hit The Scene”. Choppa could barely contain his laughter after Nardwuar said, “Scammin’ and rappin’, we want all the fetty, countin’ up green, it’s comin’ like lettuce.” Nardwuar also pulled his impressive signature move of coming prepared to attack members of the artist’s camp. He called Choppa’s mother in from the sidelines and stunned her by bringing up a house party she had attended in the eighth grade. Nardwuar never ceases to outdo himself with the depth of his research.

At the end of video, Choppa had as much trouble completing the requisite “Doot Doola Doot Doo” refrain as Megan Thee Stallion, who Nardwuar also serenaded at Day N Vegas. Lil Uzi Vert also got caught for a brief moment, but if there’s anyone sneakier than Nardwuar, it’s Uzi.