N.W.A’s Arabian Prince Refereeing Blockchain ‘Cage Match’ at Music Tectonics Conference


The first-ever Music Tectonics Conference in Los Angeles on Oct. 29 will feature a “cage match” between blockchain skeptics and enthusiasts refereed by N.W.A's Arabian Prince. The debut, destination event for innovators in music and technology is intended to help facilitate conversations about music tech innovation through unique experiences.

“Too many conversations about the future of the music industry are happening in siloes,” said conference organizer, Music Tectonics podcast host and Rock Paper Scissors Inc. CEO Dmitri Vietze in a release. “Take blockchain. Blockchain fans have their own conferences about how it will change systems, including music. What will happen when they sit down with music industry skeptics to really talk about how blockchain might innovate music? That’s the kind of energy and creative connection we need as an industry, to move into the next era of innovation, business, and music making.”

The conference will take place at the Skirlball Cultural Center with head of MIDiA Research Mark Mulligan as a keynote speaker and an A.I. talent show emceed by music tech journalist Dani Deahl.

Breakout sessions will include Music Like Air that bring together experts from Pandora, Google and Soundhound to demystify music discovery and listening as voice interfaces replace physical input and visual displays.

The Investor Panel moderated by music tech writer and podcaster Cherie Hu will feature Raised in Space’s Zach Katz, Marcy Venture Partners’ Larry Marcus and Rishi Patel of Plus 8 Equity on what it takes to for start-ups to secure funding.

Other confirmed sessions include Optimizing Music for Voice and Discovery, Rethinking Royalties, Labels Share Digital Marketing Tips and Tools, How Startups Can Work with Majors and Distributors and Music Modernization Act Update.

“If this is a standard music industry conference, shoot me now,” added Vietze. “Imagine a place where decision-makers and innovators get down to the real issues over drinks and laughter. That’s where we are headed with our first year’s conference.”

Companies represented at the conference will include Universal Music Group, AEG, Warner Music Group, Pandora, Google and more.

A full schedule and speaker lineup can be found at the Music Tectonics Conference website.


N.W.A's Arabian Prince Refereeing Blockchain 'Cage Match' at Music Tectonics Conference