N.O.R.E. Says He Got People To ‘Love Kanye Again’


Kanye’s public perception over the last decade has been a rollercoaster ride. After his infamous incident with Taylor Swift at the VMA’s, his interviews with Zane Lowe and Sway, and then his public endorsement of Donald Trump, many turned their back on Ye. However, N.O.R.E. believes he’s gotten people to love Kanye again after the now legendary Drink Champs interview.

“I’ve done something that no record label no women no culture can do???? I got people to love Kanye again @kanyewest Real talk!” he tweeted.

Whether or not N.O.R.E. got the people to love Ye again is up for debate. The Donald Trump endorsement was the last straw for many. However, reactions to the interview have been largely positive. People have celebrated Ye’s willingness to talk about almost everything in a very unfiltered Kanye manner.

Among those who probably still aren’t rocking with Ye are Big Sean and Talib Kweli. During the interview, Kanye was pretty clear about his quarrels with them. He called Big Sean the worst business decision he’d ever made, and doubled down on his dislike for Talib Kweli’s rapping. Both even responded after the interview released, with Big Sean announcing that he would be on Drink Champs soon.

Since it’s release, part 1 of the interview has gotten 8.1 million views on YouTube. Part 2 has gotten 2 million views. When part 1 was released, REVOLT stated that it would be the biggest hip hop interview ever, and it just might be.

If you haven’t already, you can check out parts 1 and 2 of the interview below.