Mykki Blanco's Mind Is A Playground In 'You Will Find It'


Mykki Blanco is listening to Lady Gaga and jazz musician Alice Coltrane while lighting some fresh sage on their new track, "You Will Find It." This introspective new tune digs into the rapper's mind and features singer Devendra Banhart to deliver some wispy accompanying vocals. The product is practically an interview over a beat, detailing Blanco's thought process in 2020 and going forward. This sounds like the beginning of a beautiful takeover.

Blanco's new playground is a ball of smoke that unfurls in your face. Its ethereal background makes "You Will Find It" sound distinctly oblong and alien. Just as you begin to float away from Earth due to Banhart's smooth vocals, Blanco quickly snaps you back into your physical body with booming bars about haters, their financial preferences when it comes to suitable partners, and serving looks with ease.

"It's prophecy she speaking/ Mean glasses when she blinking," Blanco raps with an edge, sending a chill up your spine. "Why you acting so suspicious/ In this life you get three wishes." They don't tell you what theirs is though; Blanco leaves you to ponder the meaning of the statement. What would your three wishes be? Of everything we learn about Blanco here, it's clear that they're ready to leave their mark on the year and it starts with this pensive release.