My Favorite Color Stars in Very Own Sitcom: “Mama’s House”


A master of offbeat lyricism with a visual sense to match, My Favorite Color paints with his own palette. Coming through with his latest standout visual, the artist born Anthony Willis transports us to the grainy and brightly-colored world of the ’90s sitcom in “Mama’s House,” his new video. Directed by Taylor Bonin, the video for “Mama’s House” pays loving tribute to the era that produced classics like Family Matters, Married…With Children, and Full House. The video nails the aesthetic down to the laugh track, but instead of the usual jaunty soundtrack, My Favorite Color’s drawly delivery over the appealingly shambolic “Mama’s House” signals that this is no ordinary TV comedy.

The video tells a narrative worthy of its inspiration, as My Favorite Color brings his latest girlfriend to meet his mom. While they’re outwardly loving, both MFC and his mother seethe at the woman’s disrespect for the warm atmosphere mama has so lovingly cultivated. Once she insults Mama’s cooking, the jig is up, and Mama lays the smack down. “Mama’s House” is the latest in a line of creative videos from the artist, including last month’s mannequin-filled “Cut Me In,” and 2021’s “Old News.” The creativity on display in “Old News,” in which the artist portrayed multiple characters a la Eddie Murphy, ranging from a kidnap victim, to a possibly untrained pilot, to a truth-telling stand-up comedian, inspired Pigeons & Planes to name him a Best New Artist in September 2021.

The rapper has kept busy in 2022 by releasing sonically diverse tracks like “Dead It” and “Frustrated.” He is currently hard at work on his next project, an effort that keeps up the experimental spirit even as it properly continues the story he started with his heartfelt 2020 debut album Velma. Stay tuned for much more music and eye-popping videos from My Favorite Color in the coming weeks and months.