Mustard Shares Advice For Aspiring Record Label Owners: ‘Don’t Take No For an Answer’


Mustard stopped to chat with Billboard’s Bianca Gracie at the Billboard and Vibe R&B Hip-Hop Power Players event on Thursday (Oct. 17), where they discussed how it feels for him to be included on this year’s list and what advice he would give to an artist aspiring to start their own record label.

Asked how it feels to be recognized on this year’s R&B/Hip-Hop Power Players list for his work with his 10 Summers label, Mustard tells Billboard, “It’s good to get recognized for this, after all the hard work everybody’s put in, they’re recognizing us.”

He adds that he is also very appreciative that the label’s co-founder Meko Yohannes is being included on the list, as well. “I’m more happy for him than I am for myself,” confesses Mustard. “He put in a lot of work behind the scenes that nobody knows about.”

In the interview, Mustard is also asked what advice he might give to an artist aspiring to start their own record label, to which he replies, “Don’t take no for an answer. There is no heights to this. Just do what you gotta do and always stay focused.”

You can check out the full video interview with Mustard above.