Murda Beatz Signee Adam Halliday Shows Off His Infectious Croon on Debut Single ‘Trippin’: Premiere


Adam Halliday has penned countless tracks for his industry friends, but now it's time for the lethal songwriter to focus on himself. After inking a publishing deal through Murda Beatz's Murda Beatz Recordings earlier in 2019, the England native unleashes his infectious croon on his debut single "Trippin," which premieres with Billboard on Monday (Aug. 12). 

"I’ve spent the majority of my time in the industry writing and pitching songs for other people and 'Trippin' is very much my own," he tells Billboard. "With this whole project, I wanted to make it as true to myself as possible. I’m fortunate to work with some great musicians and when my boys Nicky Quinn and JB sent the beat over, I knew it was gonna go. This specific record kinda wrote itself. It was all written and recorded in probably an hour and became the thesis statement for the whole project."

The Los Angeles transplant can't be pinpointed into a sole genre, but relays his whole purpose in music is to connect with his audience in a way that evokes emotion out of them. "I just really want people to feel something when they listen to 'Trippin,'" he continues. "If you feel something, then I’ll have done my job."

Super producer Murda Beatz chimes in that he's also got plenty of heat in the stash with Halliday on the way. "He’s a very talented singer and songwriter and member of Murda Gang," Murda states. "And we've got tons of music on the way."

Listen to "Trippin" below. Get more familiar with Adam Halliday over on his IG.