MRSHLL Releases Fabulous 'Pose' Music Video as Pride Month 2018 Comes to an End


Alt-R&B singer MRSHLL put out his first music video Friday (June 29) for his anthemic single “Pose.”

The music video features MRSHLL “Pose”-ing on his own and vogueing with a fabulous blond-haired dancer amid DayGlo lighting as he smoothly lays forth inspirational lyrics, some which decorate the screen. “Baby go and get your life/ Pose because you know you're living right,” he sings confidently amid the bright, low-key set.

The artist is the first openly gay singer to work within South Korea’s music industry, and he released the music video on June 30 in Korea, which is the last day Pride Month 2018.

“Pose” was released as one six tracks on MRSHLL's Breathe EP, which he dropped on June 5. Like the other songs on that album, the single overflows with sleek electro-pop and R&B vibes, propelled by the artist’s lush tones.

MRSHLL, also known as Marshall Bang, is a Korean-American musician from California who is signed to Feel Ghood Music, a label headed by Korean hip-hop icons Tiger JK and Yoonmirae. “Pose” is his first formal music video. Watch it here: