Motley Crue, Tommy Lee & Vince Neil Debut On Social 50 Chart Thanks to ‘The Dirt’


Lee and Neil, both veteran members of the band, reach the tally well below Mötley Crüe, which bows at No. 8.

The release of biographical film The Dirt snags Mötley Crüe its first appearance on Billboard’s Social 50 chart, the band debuting at No. 8 on the tally dated April 6.

The Social 50 is powered by data tracked by music analytics company Next Big Sound and ranks the most popular artists on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia and Tumblr. The chart's methodology blends weekly additions of friends/fans/followers with artist page views and engagement. The chart's latest tracking week ended March 28.

Mötley Crüe debuts at No. 8 thanks to renewed interest in the band after the March 22 premiere of The Dirt, based on the autobiography of the same name originally published in 2001 by Neil Strauss, on Netflix.

In addition to being mentioned 24,000 times on Twitter, according to Next Big Sound, Mötley Crüe’s biggest source of social activity for the chart comes Wikipedia views: 577,000 views of the band’s page, up from just 31,000 the previous week.

Attention to the band trickled down to its members as well, spurring Social 50 debuts for longtime Mötley Crüe members Tommy Lee and Vince Neil. The former, the band’s drummer, bows at No. 29 (268,000 Wikipedia views, 6,000 Twitter mentions), while the latter, its frontman, enters at No. 33 (295,000 Wikipedia views, 5,000 Twitter mentions).

His Social 50 appearance marks Lee’s first time on a Billboard chart solo since his Tommyland: The Ride album was released in 2005, peaking at No. 62 on the Billboard 200 dated Aug. 27, 2005, with lead single “Good Times” reaching No. 95 on the Billboard Hot 100 dated Oct. 1, 2005. Meanwhile, Neil reaches a chart for the first time since his featured appearance on Justin Moore’s “Home Sweet Home,” which peaked at No. 28 on the Hot County Songs tally dated Sept. 27, 2014.