Mother of 5 Detained At U.S. Border In Attempt To Smuggle Drugs Worth $1 Million


As talks about the wall between Mexico and America intensify, new reports attempted drug smuggling raise a concern for increased border policing in order to impede the trafficking opiates and other controlled substances. Authorities have revealed that a woman travelling between the two nations in a minivan containing her five children was also carrying nearly $1 million worth dope. 

The 34 year-old woman was stopped by border patrol just after midnight on Monday night at the Otay Mesa Point Entry between San Diego and Tijuana. 

Law enforcement ficers reveal that a scanner was able to locate unusual images found in the doors, side panels, gas tank and spare tire well the woman’s Honda Odyssey. 

Further investigation allowed authorities to seize nearly 200 packages containing 231 pounds methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin. The accused was immediately arrested, while her children were given to a family member while their mother awaits prosecution.