Morgan Kibby Focuses on ‘The Quest To Reclaim Oneself’ in Song for Steubenville Documentary ‘Roll Red Roll’


Morgan Kibby, known for her solo project White Sea and formerly of M83, lent her songwriting skills to Roll Red Roll, Nancy Schwartzman's documentary about the Steubenville football rape case.

Now available on Netflix, the film has gathered seven best documentary awards at film festivals across the world and currently has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Kibby wrote the hauntingly beautiful "Master of Myself," featured in the end credits of the film, aiming to honor the complex feelings experienced by victims.

"My focus when writing a song for this film was multi-faceted: focus on the quest to reclaim one's self after this kind of an assault, speak to the silent rage of victims and the ultimate search for a way to heal, with no obligation to forgive," Kibby said in a statement.

Kibby was especially touched by the movie, saying that she was "blown away" after watching its final edit. 

"I have never seen a documentary deal with this subject in such a unique way. Nancy [Schwartzman] does not focus on the victim, but rather the rape culture and structures that allowed it to happen in the first place," Kibby said. "Everyone that watches the film is inevitably enraged by the way these events get swept under the rug and the systemic victim blaming that occurs."

The full soundtrack to the film is available now on Spotify. Below, watch the trailer for Roll Red Roll and listen to "Master of Myself."