Moniece Slaughter Calls Out "LHHH" Producers For Editing Show To Make Her Look Bad


The sixth season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is in full swing and it’s already off to a bumpy start. VH1 has been hyping their storylines for weeks, especially those centering around A1 Bentley and his wife Lyrica, as well as the trifecta that is B2K’s Fizz, Apryl Jones, and the mother of Fizz’s son, Moniece Slaughter. For the latter trio, the drama comes from rumors that Fizz and Apryl, who is also the mother to B2K’s Omarion‘s children, have been carrying on a clandestine relationship. Moniece has been calling them out for quite some time, only to be met by denials and accusations that she’s losing it. However, for her final season on the show, she wants to set the record straight.

When the season premiered, it was obvious that Moniece had a few bones to pick with producers. She shared that she was being painted in a light that was untrue and that the editing was misconstruing conversations that were aired between herself and Apryl or Fizz. Following Monday evening’s episode, Moniece took to Instagram to share her grievances with production who she claims cut much of an important scene that was supposed to play her music.

“@vh1 better start telling the truth or I will I said the only way I’d even entertain dumb & dumber was if my music was at the forefront. My whole ass band was in that scene. We didn’t hear a lick of music. In both of those green screens y’all took answers to completely different questions and put them in places where I refused to read what was on the paper. So. I’ve officially completed season 6. If y’all cut that and manipulate my green screen answers that means the rest of my music has also been cut and I’m bout to look like I give a f*ck and I don’t. So I’ll just keep telling the truth on my own. F*ck yall.”