MoneyBagg Yo Compares Old to New Feature Price


Talk about “started from the bottom now we here.” In a transparency moment, MoneyBagg Yo posted to his Instagram to show fans where he started from with his feature price to where he is now.

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The rapper shared an old DM conversation between a rapper and his manager at the time. In the conversation, Bagg’s manager charges the rapper for a verse for $750, but Bagg actually did the verse for $550.

“I Swear I Use To Get $750 For A Feature Now Look, Dets A whole Nother Conversation,” the rapper said over the post. While MoneyBagg Yo may have been willing to walk the price down before, the rapper may not be so lenient about his bag today. The rapper’s manager revealed that MoneyBagg is making nothing less than $100k for a feature, talk about the growth.


Check out the photo below.