Modern Whale See the End is Near in ‘Dead Wrong’ Visual: Exclusive


It’s time to call it quits on a fading relationship in the visual for Brooklyn-based trio Modern Whale’s latest single “Dead Wrong,” premiering exclusively on Billboard today (May 15).

The retro-fitted pop production is paired with a neon-tinged visual, which dips into the surreal to explore the moments leading up to a couple’s undoing in a literal void. Though the situation is rife with tension and earnest reflection, frontman Rob Guariglia eases the pain with a more inviting visual comparison and an eye for the silver lining.

“The falling scene in the video reminds me of the dream sequence scene in The Big Lebowski, and I think that's cool,” Guariglia tells Billboard. “[It was] definitely fun driving my brother’s 1968 Mustang for a night."

With a sound that grasps the alluring amusement of pop and the offbeat energy of an indie synth rock outfit, Modern Whale adds a palpable passion to an irresistibly catchy hook. Guariglia worked with his occasional songwriting partner Scott Harris to capture the push-and-pull feelings when considering if a romance is salvageable or expired.

"[I’m] psyched we got the opportunity to write a song with a meaningful lyric that takes influences of the music we loved when we first met and infuses it with what we dig now,” Harris says. “[It’s] always magic when we get together and it never feels like we’ve spent any time apart as soon as we dive in. There’s nothing more comfortable than good friends creating together.”

Despite the doomed pairing that inspired the song, “Dead Wrong” stands as a harmonious collaboration for Modern Whale that is meant to last.

Check out the video for “Dead Wrong” below.