Modenine x Teck-Zilla Collaborative Project "Esoteric Mellow"


UK based Nigerian Hip Hip icon Modenine links up with London acclaimed producer Teck-Zilla for a collaborative project titled “Esoteric Mellow” featuring Canibus and AWKWORD.

The duo linked to create mastery out of unreleased music that Modenine had stored in sessions from some years back.¬† The 14 track album produced entirely by Teck includes multi genre infused soundscapes intertwined with commanding word play and lyricism.¬† It also encompasses a variety of cornerstones for listeners to embrace including owning one’s prowess, confidence, embracing naysayers,¬† exuding superpowers, and of course homage to the culture and elements of Hip Hop.

Modenine x Teck-Zilla Collaborative Project "Esoteric Mellow"

The first track “Arrival” sets the self-preservation tone for the entire project, “competing on a track with me I’m trying to murder me.”¬† “Sound Bwoy Killa” defines Modenine’s reigning industry stance, “can’t hold a candle ya better off kicking rocks with open toe sandals.”¬† “Mystery Girl” is for the ladies who represent their natural beauty from within, with a message not to let the wicked world change them.¬† Modenine warns the world of his emergence in “Black Vampire.” He is a different entity unraveling dark secrets, referring himself to a mad mangler. “Walk On By” is an anthem for doubters and naysayers with a reminder that Modenine is a “one man street team” who feeling invincible, keeps it moving.

Hip Hop enthusiasts will appreciate “Journey Of An Artform.”¬† The record pays homage to the evolution of Hip Hop and lyrically Modenine depicts a historic timeline including reference to Kurtis Blow, Run DMC, Crush Groove, and others.

Mega producer Teck-Zilla shows off his mastered skill set and uncanny ability to incorporate compelling integrals specific to each track. He includes a kaleidoscope of¬† 70’s soul, thumping bass, electrifying pulsations, suspenseful tones, and superlative classic cuts and mixes that cannot be replicated.

The result of the chemistry between Modenine and Teck is a resonant gem that exudes an addictive injection of ‘earmilk’. Stream the 14 track project below.

Stream and or purchase “Esoteric Mellow” on preferred platforms here.¬†

Modenine x Teck-Zilla Collaborative Project "Esoteric Mellow"

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