MK’s ‘Body 2 Body’ Gets Chris Lake Club Remix: Exclusive


When it comes to modern house masters, MK is among one of the genre's brightest, and so is British bass-lover Chris Lake. That's what makes it so exciting that their musical minds came together on a recent remix of MK's "Body 2 Body."

The original is a sensual mix of house and R&B, a driving club rhythm with pop-forward brightness. For his part, Lake injects the dance floor tune with darker late-night mood. The beat pumps a little heavier, the atmosphere fills with smoke, and the hook comes in strong with a psychedelic synth roar.

"I really like what Chris has done," MK tells Billboard Dance. "He always seems to add compelling twists to his remixes, and since we are good friends, we actually did a remix swap — my 'Body 2 Body' for his single 'Stay.' Chris’ remix is definitely one of my faves, but to be honest, I am really happy with the whole remix package we were able to put together."

The package fills out with a club remix and a "6 am" version by KC Lights, a follow up to the producer's 6 am version of MK's "17," of which MK is a big fan. Newcomer Meduza has a remix. "Someone told me it’s his first remix," MK adds. "If that’s true, it's nuts 'cause it is so good." The package concludes with a rinse from MK's friend Leftwing: Kody, with whom he is on tour throughout the summer and fall, and a final "French House Disco inspired dub" by Treasure Fingers.

The full remix package is due out Friday, July 5 on MK's label Area 10 and Ultra Music. Lake's remix of "Body 2 Body" is out everywhere Friday, June 28, but you can get a sneak peek of its bump-n-grind below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.