Missy Elliott Reflects On 21 Years Of "Hit Em Wit Da Hee"


Any hip-hop fan worth their salt will put due respect on Missy Elliott‘s name at a moment’s notice. In fact, some have even named her among the game’s most effective pioneers, especially with regards to visual aesthetic; given today’s acceptance of the “zany,” is it crazy to imagine Missy sitting at the peak of that genealogical tree? With a new album on the way, Missy took a moment to reflect on one of her formative hits, the twenty-one year old “Hit Em Wit Da Hee.” 

Taking to Instagram to articulate her thoughts, Misdemeanor opened up about the song’s extensive history, going deep into the behind-the-scenes process. ” “@timbaland and I was in our bag a whole different pocket back then,” she writes. “Even the video back then in hip hop it was different from anything that was out. we loved trying stuff new even if people joked us out we still took risk & was true to ourselves.”

She reveals that Timbaland was pretty much in literal beast mode, drawing sonic inspiration from the neighborhood farm, of all places. “Tim was putting all kind of animal sounds in our records,” she reflects. “You here that horse in the background!” Check out the post above, and let it be a testament to the enduring legacy of Missy Elliott and Timbaland. We look forward to seeing what the iconic duo is cooking up