Missouri’s Last Abortion Clinic Gets License Renewal Declined


With the introduction of Alabama’s restrictive abortion ban legislation, the topic has remained central to the public discourse. While many have shared their outrage with regards to the topic, from social media users to celebrities and political affiliates, other states have shown a similar resistance to the practice of abortion. And the state of Missouri is the most recent state added to the list of states restricting access to the practice. This past Friday, Missouri’s Health Department halted the license renewal of the state’s last and only abortion clinic. If approved, the move would eventually make Missouri the first state in the US to not have any abortion clinics in decades. Fortunately for now, the clinic will continue to provide abortion services while a court injunction remains in effect. 

Missouri's Last Abortion Clinic Gets License Renewal Declined

Jacob Moscovitch/Getty Images

The state’s Department of Health and Senior Services made the announcement that it would not renew the license for the Reproductive Health Services of Planned Parenthood in the St. Louis Region before the occurrence of a court hearing on Friday. The clinic’s license was scheduled to expire on May 31st, but a St. Louis court allowed it to continue operating thanks to a preliminary injunction currently keeping its doors open. The injunction will remain in effect until the hearing. A Circuit judge gave a deadline of June 21st for the state’s health department to decide whether or not the license will be renewed. When the state declined the renewal, the judge stated he would issue one more order on the case. We thus expect more details on this in the future.