Miranda Writes releases inspiring new single “Too Blessed”


NYC-based artist Miranda Writes is a woman of many talents. An esteemed snowboarder, hip-hop artist, literary student, and lyricist , Miranda Writes is full of passion and seems to have a knack for each one that she pursues. Her draw to hip-hop came through her literary background where she adored the way hip-hop created an outlet and a freedom for her to explore wordplay in a creative new way.

Miranda just released her unforgiving new single “Too Blessed” which mixes old school hip-hop, rock, pop, and even some EDM, creating a sound unlike any other. “Too Blessed” is a tale of progression, and following your dreams in a world of people telling you no. She talks about how when you start to grow as a person, everyone wants to be a part of the rise, but not the struggle. You’ll have this song bumping through your speakers, with your middle finger high to all the haters.

This is just the beginning for Mrs. Writes. Show her some love on Instagram and check out her single below.