Miley Cyrus Choked & Groped By Pushy Fan In Spain


Life as a celebrity has its obvious perks but Cardi B said it best when she titled her debut album Invasion of Privacy. People who live in the public eye are generally expected to share everything that’s going on in their lives at all times. When somebody like Frank Ocean chooses to live privately, it’s seen as a rarity. Everything is amplified a little more if you’re a female star because the same expectations are set forth with even more on their plates. We’ve heard about groping incidents far too many times from people like Billie Eilish and this weekend, Miley Cyrus managed to keep her cool while walking through a crowd of fans after one man got way too close to her.

Miley Cyrus Choked & Groped By Pushy Fan In Spain
Ricky Vigil M/Getty Images

In a video that’s being shared across the web, Miley Cyrus follows her husband Liam Hemsworth after exiting their hotel, walking straight to their car. Liam was a few steps ahead of her when Miley was grabbed by her hair. She tried to pull away but the fan grabbed her even harder by the neck, leaning in for a kiss. Quite the commotion was made after that with people pushing him away for being so inappropriate. Finally, Cyrus and Hemsworth rushed to the car and drove off.

It all went down in Barcelona, Spain this weekend. The singer has been in Europe for the Primavera Sound Festival. Watch the video below.