Mikey Polo Deals With Relationship Issues In “Toxic” Visual


At a certain age, we’ve all been through our fair share of relationships and the inevitable breakups that happen along the way. The self-proclaimed Prince of Emo Trap, Mikey Polo, hits us with a brand new visual for Toxic. Mikey and his girl are separating and throughout the visual, you can see the pain he is enduring as he reflects on their failed relationship while getting an “F*ck love” tattoo. The way he can express his true feelings on records will remind you of a Young Thug or Lil Uzi Vert and his openness to wear his heart on his sleeve is real. This is a well thought out video from Mikey Polo who also goes by the “Emo Slime” moniker, creating his own wave in New York.

Check out the video below and follow MP here.