Mike Tyson & Wack 100 Throw Punches In Heated Fight Reenactment


One of the biggest stories this week has revolved around Mike Tyson, Wack 100 and Tupac Shakur. Wack 100, who serves as The Game and Blueface’s manager, was invited to speak with Mike Tyson on his Hotboxin podcast and after during their recording session, a fight seemingly broke out. Wack shared a video of himself clutching a bottle of prescription pain medicine and Iron Mike confirmed that he got some punches in during the battle. Now, we’re seeing the first look at what their tussle may have looked like. Wack decided to share a fan-made video of what he believes the fight went down like and Wack confirms that he was pretty darned close.

“What are you fucking saying to me right now, Wack?” yells Mike while flailing his arms in the fake video. Wack then puts a hand in Tyson’s face before the fight fully begins. “Guess this is the closest your going to get,” writes Wack on the post, suggesting that the real footage will never be released. “Not going to put the after the interview footage out but this was a close reenactment.”

So many people have sided with Mike Tyson in this battle and this won’t help Wack gain any more people in his corner. If anything, this update just seems like clout chasing at its finest.