Mike Tyson Allegedly Beats Up Wack 100 Over Tupac Shakur Podcast Question


This is going to be a very interesting episode of Mike Tyson’s podcast. According to HipHopDX, Wack 100 was a guest on the HotBoxin podcast with Mike Tyson and during his stay at the Tyson Ranch, things got a little heated. There is a lot of mutual respect between Wack and Tyson but as The Game‘s manager put it in his social uploads, things got “warm in the room” when Mike started to talk about Tupac Shakur.

The hip-hop executive shared a photo of himself all smiley with the crew before the altercation allegedly took place. After the interview was over, he posted a video of himself and a bottle of pain pills. So, how did it all go downhill? Before he was tragically murdered in 1996, Tupac was spotted at Mike Tyson’s fight against Seldon and the boxer wanted to chat about that. However, as DX points out, Wack 100 has been vocal about his feelings regarding Pac so when the topic was mentioned, things got out of hand.

“Just know this Wack wasn’t giving up shit and Mike still quick with his hands,” wrote the West Coast icon, suggesting that Tyson hit him with some punches. He followed up the initial upload with a video of his pain pill prescription, bringing up the Tyson fight again. 

We’ve got to admit we’re excited to see what exactly went down. Despite the altercation, Wack doesn’t seem to harbour any ill will toward Tyson.