Mike Scott Brawls With Fans After Wearing Redskins Jersey To Eagles Tailgate


It’s never a good idea to show up to an Eagles game in a Redskins jersey, even for an NBA player. Sixers forward, Mike Scott decided to take on the fanbase that booed Santa Clause this afternoon and it did not end well. Soon after posting a pic of himself rocking the jersey on Twitter, videos started to emerge of the player brawling with Eagles fans.

While neither party has confirmed whether the fight was instigated because of Scott’s fandom, witnesses claim that the Redskins gear is the reason. The group of drunk NFL fans seem like no match for Scott who can be seen in videos wailing down on droves of them outside of Lincoln Financial Field. One fan tweeted a picture of Scott mid-brawl, writing “Also, the ass clowns who tried to throw hands w/@mikescott are the reason why we’ve got a bad rep. We’re not all like that, Mike. You know that. Mike proved once again why he reminds me of the OGs from 33rd and Diamond. Never seen someone more accessible and more Philly.”

Eagles fandom can be so strong, even 6′ 8″, 237-pounds of power forward won’t stand in the way a Redskins jersey.