Mike Epps Includes Redd Foxx & Richard Pryor In His Mt. Rushmore Of Comedians


While celebrities descended into Los Angeles for the BET Awards, comedian Mike Epps got married to OWN Network producer Kyra Robinson. The pair tied the knot in a private Newport Beach, Calif., ceremony with a few of their famous friends in attendance including Snoop Dogg, T.I. and Tiny, and Doug E. Fresh. Baller Alert caught up with the entertainer for a quick chat about his newlywed life.

“I’m a happy married man now,” Epps said. When asked about what it feels like to have famous friends like Snoop Dogg skip award shows just to attend his wedding, Epps was humbled. “It feels good, man. Everybody in Hollywood need camaraderie, everybody need friends in Hollywood. It just feels good to know you got a couple friends—some real ones—to come check you out.”

Mike Epps Includes Redd Foxx & Richard Pryor In His Mt. Rushmore Of Comedians
Liliane Lathan/Getty Images

Fans are raving about Only One Mic, Epps’s latest Netflix comedy special, but the comedian didn’t have a problem sharing a story of how he once was booed off the stage. “I went on stage one time in Rochester, NY, told the crowd, ‘Y’all, give it up!’ and they started clapping. ‘For these nuts!” They just said, ‘What!’ and booed me off…I started reconsidering my career.”

With all the opportunities coming Epps’s way, are we ever going to see him star in that rumored Richard Pryor biopic? “I’m having a great time,” Epps said. “I love the king Richard Pryor but it’s just one of those films that was hard to make, and I’m having a good time being Mike Epps right now. I’m somebody’s Richard Pryor.” He did mention who he would include in his Mt. Rushmore of comedians: Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor, Paul Mooney, and Robin Harris. Not a bad list at all.

Check out what he had to say about Jussie Smollett below and let us know who your top comedians are.