Migos’ Takeoff Sued by Woman Claiming Rape


Takeoff is facing a lawsuit over allegations of rape.

A woman has come forward with claims that the Migos rapper raped her at a party at DJ Durel’s house in Encino, Calif., according to TMZ. The woman, who has chosen not to reveal her identity, alleges that Takeoff made her uncomfortable during the party in June before he raped her in the bedroom of the person who invited her to the party.

In legal documents, the woman says Takeoff stared at her while at the party and made her extremely uneasy. She also claims he offered her weed later in the evening, but she turned him down.

During the alleged incident, she went upstairs with the man who invited her to the party when Takeoff became angry and got into an argument with the man, prompting her to seek refuge in the man’s bedroom.

She alleges that Takeoff then entered the bedroom and started putting his hands on her butt. She says she very clearly refused his advances, but he proceeded to flip her face down, pull down her clothing, and rape her. She claims he immediately left the room when he was done.

Later the same day, she went to a nearby hospital where she claims hospital staff observed physical evidence of forceful rape. She says the hospital notified LAPD.

She is suing for sexual battery, assault, emotional distress, and more, and is seeking damages. Takeoff has not addressed the allegations.