Migos' SNL Performance Received Mixed Reviews From Twitter


Migos took the SNL stage with a live band Saturday night, and while many their fans were impressed by the performance, those who don’t generally tune into Saturday Night Live for trap music were a little more confused.

The trio performed two tracks from their bursting-at-the-seams new album Culture II; the Pharrell-produced single “Stir Fry” and the Pablo Escobar tribute “Narcos.” 

Many fans were into Migos’ colorful outfits, dance moves, and dexterous ad-libs. They defended the group against those trashing the performance.

Others were critical the audio setup, which was largely blamed on SNL rather than the group.

Then, course, there were the people who just did not get it. Some these people admitted this was just a matter being too old. Among those who weren’t into the performance were fans who simply felt the group could have brought a little more to the table.

The best may have been the people surprised that Migos was a group not a solo artist. Yes, these people still exist in 2018.

So did Migos kill it on SNL or were you expecting a little more? Watch the performances here and let us know in the comments section.