Migos Get Up To Some Shenanigans With Cast Of "Super Troopers"


Migos-mania is upon us. While Offset‘s previous proclamation that the group were the “biggest in the world” seemed to ruffle plenty feathers, it’s becoming harder to deny with each passing day. Who would have ever suspected that Offset, Quavo, and Takef would one day be dabbing alongside Fox News reporters at an actual NASCAR race? Lo and behold, it happened. Now, the group have continued to find themselves in unlikely, yet perfectly logical settings. Case in point, Quavo recently posted up a picture the trio holding it down with the cast  Super Troopers in a rare moment rapper/police unity. 

It’s unclear whether or not this picture suggests a Migos cameo in the forthcoming sequel, but it wouldn’t be surprising. After all, Migos have  expressed interest in entering the film industry; apparently, Quavo has even been writing a biopic sorts, and they previously made appearances on Donald Glover’s Atlanta. If you’re unfamiliar with Super Troopers, it’s essentially a stoner-friendly comedy from the Broken Lizard troupe, which centers around five Vermont state troopers who find themselves unwittingly swept into some serious shit. 

While the film originally dropped back in 2002, a sequel is currently in the works, which explains the Broken Lizard boys once again rocking the uniform. The anticipated sequel is set to drop on April 20th; we’ll have to keep our eyes peeled for the Culture 2 trifecta.