Migos Beef Up Security For NBA All-Star Weekend


Migos, music’s most famous group from Atlanta currently, have flown out to Los Angeles for this year’s annual NBA All Star Game. However, the trio have come well-equipped with an arsenal beefy security guards to shield them from any oncoming threats physical harm.

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Why, one may ask; all signs seem to point to Offset’s fiancé Cardi B, who has ruffled some feathers recently with a controversial Instagram post. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper captioned an image her sporting a blue fur coat with a quote that reads ” I hate wearing Flue but this coat was too poppin,” which has fended members the street gang The Crips. Cardi has proclaimed that she is a thoroughbred Blood at heart, so her Crips diss comes across as even more fensive. The rapper has since received death threats from members the opposing gang.

It comes as no surprise then that Migos would want to beef up their security to presidential levels in order to avoid any altercations with vicious gang members. Offset is famously engaged to the Cardi B, so he may become a prime target for any gang-related mischief if he ever appears vulnerable; guilty by association. 

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The Culture II hitmakers stopped by a clothing boutique in Los Angeles, and had a fleet security guards patrolling the front and back entrances the store to shield the rappers from any potential harm.