Midnight Mights Unveils A Happy And Inspirational Album Titled Smile For The Cam


Toronto-based emerging Canadian artist, rapper-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Mighton, aka Midnight Mights, recently unveiled a new album titled Smile For The Cam.

He also released a music video for the song “Jack Frost.” Radiating positivity, this track as well as most of the album’s tracklist radiate with positivity, as Midnight Mights concots a laid-back form of Hip-Hop set to spark mass appeal. 

Best described as party-rap, his style is what easily sets him apart from his peers, a fusion of hip-hop, R&B and house, incorporating smooth synths and catchy hooks. Midnight Mights’ sound has been curated and crafted with the purpose of making happy and inspirational music.

After “Nobody,” “Someone New” and “Memories,” the 8-track album Smile For The Cam is the latest proof of the young rapper’s fine artistry. 

He started with late-night freestyling sessions, which is how the moniker Midnight Mights came to life. Beginning with vocal experiments of cadence, flow, and rhythm, he quickly adopted instruments into his routine. Teaching himself how to play the piano, the drums, and, most notably, the guitar, he began mixing his vocal and instrumental work together. 

His first mixtape “Cause 4 Celebration” attracted a solid fan base, building the foundation from which he kept recording new tracks including “Memories” and “Someone New.” Smile For The Cam is the latest addition to his collection. From low-key hip-hop-dance fusions to in-your-face jazzy rap, this latest project emphasizes Andrew’s development as an artist and his dedication to bringing honest, engaging, and entertaining music to his fans.

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