Midland Compares Tour Must-Haves, Favorite Trios & More Ahead of New Album


Midland has spent the past three years touring behind the success of breakout singles “Drinkin’ Problem” and “Burn Out,” both of which are on the band’s 2017 debut album, On the Rocks, and hit No. 3 on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart.

On Aug. 23, the country trio will release its second LP, Let It Roll — then hit the road again on Sept. 17. With a string of successful tour dates behind them, singer Mark Wystrach, lead guitarist Jess Carson and bassist Cameron Duddy have figured out just how much they share — or don’t — with one another.

Jess Carson: Sheridan, Ore.

Mark Wystrach: Sonoita, Ariz.

Cameron Duddy: All over California.

Jess Carson: Compartments in my suitcase. I like things to have their own little place.

Mark Wystrach: My fiancée has a company called Outdoor Voices. I use their athletic gear to run, swim or just lounge around the bus.

Cameron Duddy: Titleist golf clubs. Mark and I golf almost every day when the weather is nice.

Jess Carson: We were in Las Vegas, and Mark thought [Olympic swimmer] Michael Phelps was [New York Giants quarterback] Eli Manning. After talking on the side of the stage, he excitedly came to us and told us that we should bet against Manning’s team because he was out so late.

Mark Wystrach: Touring in England last winter, our former tour manager basically stopped caring and booked us literally the world’s worst tour bus. It was an old London double-decker transportation bus that they converted. It was a traveling port-a-potty that had been smoked in.

Cameron Duddy: I asked my tour manager, who is an ex-Marine, to show me how to get out of a chokehold, and he accidentally went a hundred percent in and almost broke my nose. I was gushing blood all over this nice wine bar in Napa [Calif.].

Jess Carson: My personal thing lately has been very Panama-influenced. Panama hats and loud print shirts, blazers. Like on our new album cover.

Mark Wystrach: A buddy of mine, Ross Bennett, made me a suit for the Academy of Country Music Awards a little while ago, and I still bust that out.

Cameron Duddy: I have this vintage mariachi outfit that I have been wearing a lot. I found it in a vintage store somewhere in Santa Fe [N.M.].

Jess Carson: Cream.

Mark Wystrach: Crosby, Stills & Nash. Those harmonies had a profound impact on me.

Cameron Duddy: Crosby, Stills & Nash, for sure. I mean, we’re a harmony band.

Jess Carson: On "Burn Out," instead of, "So on fire for you," for some reason people think Mark is saying something about barbecue.

Mark Wystrach: I have to focus so hard at remembering all the right lyrics because we play such a long headlining set. I don’t dare try to learn the incorrect interpretations of them.

Cameron Duddy: There’s a lyric on "Burn Out" that says, "Watching rivers run down the side of my bottle," and I’ve heard many people say, "Watching rivers run down the side of my bottom."

This article originally appeared in the Aug. 10 issue of Billboard.