Michael Vick Offers High Praise For Lamar Jackson After Hot Start: Watch


Regardless of how you feel about Michael Vick and his past transgressions, there is no denying that he revolutionized the quarterback position and inspired a generation of football players. If you played Madden 2004, you know very well that Vick is an unstoppable player as he could run and pass the ball better than anyone in the game. Numerous players have been passed the Vick torch over the past few years and the latest player to draw comparisons to the former Atlanta Falcons superstar is Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens.

Jackson has had an incredible start to the season and in a recent interview with TMZ, Vick gave some heavy praise to the sophomore QB.

“I think they’re good comparisons man,” Vick said. “If anybody looking like me, it’s Lamar. That’s a dangerous man behind center.”

Vick then offered some sound advice to the young gun, saying to keep playing like he has been and not listen to the haters. Some critics say Jackson isn’t good at throwing the ball but Vick is calling BS on that.

“You don’t go out and throw 5 touchdown passes and call it a fluke,” Vick explained. “I’m excited for the guy. He’s going to be hard to deal with for a long time.”

Jackson will be in a quarterback duel against Patrick Mahomes next Sunday which will be the true indication of Lamar’s talent.